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Hot Springs in Sulfur Valley and Longfeng Valley北投硫磺谷溫泉
Sulfur Valley (硫磺谷)and Longfeng Valley(龍鳳谷) are the most distinguishing areas with volcano geological features around the west wing of Mt. Shamao. However, the hot springs in the two areas have different natures.

Sulfur Valley (also called Big Sulfur Mouth) was once an important sulfur origin while an official named Yu, Yong-He (郁永河) developed the sulfur mining industry here during the Manchu Dynasty. Hot springs in Sulfur Valley are Blue Sulfur Springs, which are sorts of acidic carbonate spring. These hot springs are the main source of public water system for residences and legal hot spring hotels in Beitau and Tianmu.

Longfeng Valley is also called ‘Dragon Phoenix Valley’. The hot springs in this area are mostly White Sulfur Springs. There are many hot spring hotels around the area. While the hot springs in Sulfur Valley are under management of the government, the hot springs in Longfeng Valley are still illegally used by people due to the lack of good plans.

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